Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Power of LUV!

I generally try to stay away from the sappy, sensitive, tender sort of thoughts and feelings. It's not that I don't have them, I just feel kind of awkward and weird showing them most of the time. I guess that comes from a lifetime working and hanging with the guys (who, by the way, I've learned are way more sappy, sensitive and tender than I ever could be.)

Yet, every once in a while, the urge to just snergle up and LUV someone breaks through the veneer and leaves me feeling all kind of wet and limp, like a dish towel. The last few days, with the support of the Insecure Writer's Support Group has been like that. Kind of amazing, how much encouragement and support you guys have given me.

And not just them - I've received awesome, supportive vibes from "friends" I've never met, all along the way. Like Val at flyingplatypi who has become a Twitter and Blogger friend and can always be counted on for a hug, a laugh and a shot of Tequila. And a bunch of other folks whose entree' into my life has been eerily well timed and curiously meaningful.

It all started with a fateful weekend at a writer's conference right here in my home time. I went to the conference not sure what to expect - I did some rogue read and critique workshops. I sat in on many, many seminars. I tentatively and nervously spoke to a few agents and to lots of other writers. And fate - or coincidence, or the Muse Fairy or someone looking over me introduced me to two people who would prove to be very important to me.

I met Mark Koopman's at a Rogue Read and Critique. That's where you sit around from 9 p.m. until good knows when in the morning reading your work, listening to other people read their work, and giving each other feedback: the good, the bad and the ugly. And Mark and I just seemed to connect. Maybe it was the fact that he had me read part of his book and I was laughing so hard half way through it the almost had to give me CPR. Maybe it was the crazy, late hours. I dunno. But Mark has become one of those stalwart, pat you on the back and interject good humor and sage words of advice kind of friends that we all need. Don't tell him I said this, but he's a really great guy. And, oh yeah, he's the one that introduced me to the amazing Insecure Writers' Support Group.  So I kind of owe him a drink. Or seven.

The other person I met is my CP, CP. She's my ace, my bud, my little sistah from anotha' mistah. We exchanged contact info at the conference, but I couldn't tell you where at the conference we met or what we talked about, other than possibly doing some critiquing. We didn't even exchange emails for almost a month after the conference, and didn't actually meet for probably another month, only to find out when we did meet that we lived three blocks apart from each other. Like, no shit, three blocks. And had so many, many delightful, engaging quirks in common, the least of which are excess amounts of swearing and alcohol. She's just - well, she's my Bud - and she keeps me keepin' it real.

And there's one more person who's arrival into my small universe has been amazingly well-timed as I venture forward on this writing thing... my friend Justine. I actually met Justine via her blog, via Sarah Fine's blog. She had a post one day that just lifted my soul (yes, I have one of those) at a time when it needed lifting. I sent her an email about it, and she responded. And I sent her another email. And she answered that one. And I read her books, and couldn't wipe the smile of my face. And we emailed some more. And we started following each other on Twitter. And now we are friends...though we've never met. And that really makes me smile.

And Fate keeps swinging along, cuz in May of next year I'm going to RT14 in New Orleans. CP is going as well. And I'll meet Sarah Fine and Stina and Nicole and Jaime and a whole bunch of awesome people I've met online - and guess who my room-mate will be? Yup - Justine.

Yeah. Gonna be a whole lotta love going on in the Big Easy. And all because of a little fate, a dash of coincidence and the power of WERDS!!!

So, here ya go - a well timed verse for Saturday's TOONZ!

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