Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why I read YA (Young Adult), and you should too!

So, a couple months ago I was tooling around on Amazon, looking for some new books to read. I don't limit myself to a single genre - my tastes are wildly divergent and eclectic, but I do look for a good read that draws me in and connects me with the main character immediately.

I found two books right away: Angelfall by Susan Ee and Sanctum by Sarah Fine. Both are amazing, dystopian fantasies (yeah, I had to look that up too) and both books captivated me from the first page. I didn't realize they were YA. I'd never thought of YA as a subset of the larger literary spectrum. 

I have to tell you, they are both awesome reads! Believable, realistic characters with a plot that keeps you turning the pages and impatient for the sequel. Angelfall kept me up way too late, and parts were truly frightening. Susan writes in a style that makes the most horrific event real and visceral, curling you into a ball around your kindle and reaching to turn the lights on before you go any further.

Sanctum hooked me hard. I read it four times on my kindle and then ordered the hard copy. I was so swept away by the story and the craft with which Sarah Fine depicts the events, location, emotions and conflict - how can this not be total mind-candy for anyone who loves a good fantasy that isn't too far set from our own world?

I started following both authors web-sites, which led me to the next great discovery: Boy Toy by Barry Lyga. Sarah has links and reviews of a number of amazing books, most of which I have read or am reading, but this was the first. And it was not an easy read. I don't mean that the writing wasn't easy to read. Barry's gifted, the words flowing and providing setting, scene and dialogue that plays like a well-produced movie through your mind. The subject matter is difficult, but dealt with so tactfully and poetically, you can't put it down. I literally read Boy Toy in just over 24 hours. It's that good. The story is that well paced. I'm a Lyga Liker from here on out.

So, here's the deal: I'm not young. Some would argue I'm not an adult. But a good read is just that: a good read. Regardless of genre. Regardless of age. How many of you have re-read books from your childhood, finding them just as fresh and pleasing as when you were young? I have, many times. So, why limit yourself?

Take a chance on something outside your norm. You just might find something fascinating.

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  1. Aloha Barb,

    Welcome to the *Blogisfear* as I call it and thanks for the great-books-to-read tips :)

    Good luck and keep on writin' :)