Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What bad mood?

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I mean, really, really on the wrong side of the bed?

This morning I woke up cranky as hell. I didn't roll out on the wrong side. I freakin' levitated straight to the shower. This was not going to be pretty.

I drove to work in typical San Diego style: heater on in the morning, A/C in the afternoon. Yeah, tuff to deal with. What do I have to bitch about?

I was in a funk. My first novel was out on submission. A dozen queries, 5 requests for partials and 1 request for full. Pretty good, you say. Awful, I say.

Here's the truth: I was extremely lucky to get any response to my queries. It just doesn't happen that way. Then, to get a request for a full MS? Un-freakin' believable. But I did. And now I wait. And I'm going nuts.

I haven't written for like a week. I have an unfinished second novel staring at me every time I turn on my computer. I have two other 'starts' - a couple pages each. And last night I worked on another piece I've been thinking about. I've been wasting time, doing 'research' as I told/fibbed to my husband. Researching why I'm in such a bad mood.

And then I clicked over to Justine Dell's blog. God Bless Justine. I started reading some of her older posts, even as far back as 2010, about the whole writing/reading/quirying/submitting grind. And she just - fixed my bad mood. She helped me regain both passion and perspective. She's amazing. I just ordered both her books. My way of saying thanks.

So, next time you need a swift kick in the ass to improve you mood, check out some of your blogging/writing friends. Check out some new friends. Dig through those archived posts. You might find something you can use.

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