Saturday, April 5, 2014

What makes it worthwhile...

I received an email yesterday that just MADE. MY. DAY. 

It was the first thing I opened in the morning, and (in between dancing around with jazz hands and smiling my silly face off) I had to share it with everyone. Including you. 

But first the jazz hands and silly face. Cuz, ya know: Jazz hands. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Nuff said.

So, before I post the email, here's the backstory: despite my publisher going out of business, when Infinite Potential was initially released we ran a Rafflecopter for a couple of goody bags and prizes. The winner's were selected a matter of days before I was notified of all the events going on with Entranced and I was more than a bit pre-occupied with all the decisions I needed to make about re-querying, independently publishing, etc. 

In other words - I was late sending the prizes out to the winners. Bad me. Bad.

I made a point of packaging everything as nicely as I could, and I wanted to go a little extra. Now, I'm not the most visually artistic person in the world (unlike Kelsi, the MC in my book). I can barely draw a box most days. Crafting is one of those things I've always wanted to do, but I never managed to make things look as fabulous as I intended.

Just the same, I decided to MAKE personalized cards for the winners of the 2 goody bags. And I did. I used blank card stock, stickers, scrap booking pens, fancies and findings and made special cards for each winner, and included them in the goody bags. 

And shipped them off. 

And received the below email from one of the winners, which set me off on this delightfully cheery and excessively wordy post. Cuz she made me feel so good!

Dear Barbara--I wanted to write and thank you so much for your amazing giveaway package---- It made me so happy! But, even with the bag, those cute candles, signed postcard, pens, bracelet, gift card and really pretty necklace with bag(hope I did not forget anything!)--I absolutely LOVED your card. I have it in my room and I will keep it for a very long time. To think that you took the time to make that --it was amazing and sincerely appreciated! I will always continue to support you and your books--I would have anyway as that is my favorite genre but your thoughtfulness and kindness are amazing. I do treasure that card--Thank you!!--All the best to you! If I can ever help in any way---promos, etc--pls let me know. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness! Very much appreciated! (signature)

Is that the NICEST email or what? Did it not come at the perfect time? Do I love this reader to pieces? You betcha. THIS is what it's all about. This is what tells me pushing on and publishing independently is the right thing to do. I've secured my cover artist for the remainder of the series. I have a contract with the same editor for the remainder of the series. I'll ensure I only hit "Publish" when I have a quality product, professionally prepared for you, each and every time. And I'll cherish the feedback, like the email shown above, from each and every one of you.

Happy Saturday, peeps - let's wrap this one in style. Cuz puppies. And unicorns. And pink. 


  1. That is an amazing e-mail. I think it is such an act of kindness on both of your parts and that is how beautiful connections and friendships are created.
    Good luck with your publishing.