Monday, March 31, 2014

Rising like the BOSS Phoenix I am...

A decision has been made - okay, many decisions, but they were the result of one major decision:

Infinite Potential, Book 1 of the Phasms Series will be re-released on 4/22

I am publishing independently, with a new cover and a preview of book 2

Commence the hoopla. 

Aaaaand, of course, there are a million and a half things I need to do to prepare for this. 

Commence doing all the things.

Yup. One of the things I need to do is a Cover Reveal. You know, a virtual party where by you sign up to host a look at ALL THE PRETTY of my new cover?

You do that by going HERE.

So, check back soon - help me celebrate the awesomeness that is Karma! 


  1. Such great news! I'm very happy for you.



    1. Thanks Valerie! WAIT until you see the new cover - it's SOOOO GOOOOOD!