Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The implosion heard through out the publishverse

Okay, I can't go into specifics (much as I would love to) - but if you saw my Facebook post (here) you know that my publisher has gone out of business.

There's a lot of churn and turmoil going on with me and my fellow former Entranced authors. A lot of questions and concerns.

For now, all I can say is Infinite Potential, Phasms Volume 1 is no longer available in any format. Book 2 (tentatively titled "Captive Potential) is on hold, as well as book 3.

The news saddens me more than I can say. I'm angry, hurt and trying not to act precipitously. The best thing you, my fair reader, can do is share your support. Not just with me, but with my many fellow authors.

I have a lot to think about right now. I need to decide if I'm going to re-query the series or go Indie. I need to decide if I want to walk away from these books completely, though that would be extremely difficult for me to do. Kelsi and Aiden have become part of my family, just like I hope they are now part of yours.

If you find the electronic version of Infinite Potential available on any sight, please notify me. The print version will take a day or two to come off all sale points, but I expect it to be removed from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other locations by the end of the week.

Thanks for all the kind words and the wonderful support. And don't worry, I'm still writing!


  1. Wow...

    So sorry Barb, but I know you *will* do the Phoenix thing and rise from this a stronger author.

    GOOD LUCK and keep me in the loop when you next need help promoting :)

  2. Thanks Mark - your support (and the support of all my friends and fans) means everything to me! I'll definitely keep you informed and tap on you when I decide what path to follow!

  3. So sorry to hear your sad news... Just remember brilliant books will never died, I'm sure you can find a new home for your work. As Mark has just said, a phoenix will rise again. Good luck and keep writing.