Sunday, June 16, 2013

Because I woke up feeling good...

It's Father's Day -

I miss my dad. He's been gone 21 years now and I still miss him; in those small parts of me that I don't have to feel or use everyday.

But that's okay, because I know he's never really gone, as long as I think of him.

And I woke up feeling really good this morning - after the sinus head-ache went away and I had three cups of coffee in me.

And The Man Behind The Curtain took The Terrorist on a walk, letting me sit around longer in my nightgown and play on the computer.

I wished him a happy Father's Day, too. Even though he's not the father of my child, he's a great father to all three of our kids, a terrific Papa to our twin grand-babies and, of course, to our kid-with-fur (aka The Terrorist).

My friend, Mark, over at did a nice Father's Day tribute that everyone should see. Mark's a great dad as well - you can tell by the way he writes about it.

So, here's to Sundays Feeling Good, Father's Day and Fathers-at-large, and to my Dad. Cuz I love him. And Michael B ain't too bad either!

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