Saturday, May 4, 2013


Okay, I owe you a post. But this ain't it. It's not happening today. Cuz I'm sick.

See, I had to fly to the east coast for work this week. Last weekend, while meeting with my Critique Partner I mentioned the trip. CP, who is my CP (really, her initials are CP) mentioned how much she disliked flying because of being cooped up with everyone else's germs. I scoffed at her remark and boldly stated "I don't get sick." Yeah, you know the rest.

God has a crappy sense of humor.

I made it through the first 2 days of meetings. I actually made it in for the third day of meetings, after stopping at Walmart for some serious cold meds and throat lozenges. I didn't make it in Friday. I barely made it to the plane to fly home today. When Hubs picked me up at the airport he poured me into the truck, drove me home and tucked me on the couch with a hot mug of something (I'm pretty sure there's booze in it) and my laptop.

What a guy - he knows how dedicated I am to you guys and that I hadn't made my normal Saturday post.

So - this is it. This is all your getting today. I'll make it up to you, promise. Soon as I'm done hacking my lungs out.

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