Monday, May 20, 2013

Early post because ... errr, ummmm... I'm a bitch.

Okay - because I won't be anywhere near a computer this coming weekend, I'm posting today and Thursday instead of my usual Wednesday and Saturday.

So, the events of the day have once more reminded me that I am a bitch. Really. Not exaggerating here. I really am. People make the mistake all of the time of thinking I'm a nice person. I'm sorry - I'm really not.

I like to think I have it in me to be all: 

But in reality, I'm more like:

I don't do it on purpose. It just sort of works out that way. I'm too honest. Too realistic. Definitely too sarcastic. The reminder came due to events which I shall not bore you with. Let's just say that I drove for four hours (round trip) just to screw myself out of what could have been an okay time. Yup. I'm even a bitch to myself. 

See, I can't help it. It's like a chronic affliction. Like, dandruff or something. There's shit I could probably do to keep it under control - but it only covers up the symptoms. And you thought the name of this blog was just some catchy phrase? Hell no! My boss will tell you that. My husband, child, mother, sister and best friend will tell you that. 

Because when you remove the filter, you come across as bitchy whether you want to or not. So don't ask me my opinion if you don't really want it. Don't ask me to help/do/plan something if you aren't prepared for me to say "no" or tell you it's stupid. Okay, I may not tell you it's stupid right away - but if you keep bugging me about it and want to know why I said no, I'm gonna tell you it's effing stupid! 


So don't ask!

Ah. Now that we have that cleared up - please pass the scotch!

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