Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lazy Lizards

I am, inherently, lazy. Which means I have a lot in common with lizards. I love nothing more than laying around in the sun, soaking up the warmth, breathing slowly and watching the world go by.

When I do move, I tend to move in short, quick bursts. All purposeful action, no unnecessary steps or movement. Everything is planned to utilize the utmost efficiency, to get me from point A to point B in as short a time (or distance) as possible.

This does NOT mean I have dry, leathery skin or eat bugs. At All.

It does mean I prefer spring and summer to the rest of the year; dry desert-like climates and a bit of shade in case I get overheated.

It also means my husband is the perfect match for me. Hubby is Mr. Enable. He enables my laziness and my lizard-like predilection for avoiding un-purposed movement. He is the real heart of our home. If not for him, I would spend hours scrubbing the small corner of the stove until it shone, but forget to vacuum or dust the rest of the house.

I would spend all day reading through a cookbook, settling for a grilled-cheese sandwich for dinner, instead of making roast chicken, wild rice, peas and a salad. I would obsess over the small stain on the tablecloth; wielding a toothbrush and stain cleaner until the fabric was worn through, and forgetting the rest of the laundry still needs washing.

He is the lizard king, while I am just the lizard. While my lizard-like traits war with my other half, my OCD half, he quietly insists on making sure the house doesn't fall around my feet, the dog gets walked, the bills get paid and I do, in fact, live on more than coffee, scotch, popcorn and chocolate.

Though, as far as diets go, that doesn't sound bad!


  1. Yay for Lizard Kings! I can't lay out in the sun much, though. Too hot and sweaty. I could lay around on a raft in a pool, though...

  2. Yeah, same here. That's why I need the shady spot near by! Thanks Gwen!

  3. kewl post, I'm defo not a lizard, there is very little that is 'careful' about me lol.

  4. Lizards seem more efficient than lazy to me. They live their lives knowing the cost of every action precisely, soak in every ray of sunshine for when they most need it.

    They just look lazy, but really they're patient.

  5. That works, actually. My husband says I'm very efficient - when I actually move about, that is. :-)

  6. This post made me laugh. I think I am a lazy lizard too. :)

  7. How can I post a picture of a sloth? For that is me to a tee ... a lizard has purpose, even if it is just grilling a sandwich.