Friday, April 12, 2013

Keepers of the faith... I dare you not to smile!!!!

Okay, "K" words are hard to find. Seriously.

Have you looked in the dictionary? Seems like most of the entries I find under 'k' are names. Names of plants, birds, places and people.

And I started thinking, aren't names a way of 'keeping' things organized? I mean, aren't they really a device we use to specify which person, place or thing we are referring too?

We have time-keepers, lion-keepers, goal-keepers and house-keepers. There are zoo-keepers, greens-keepers and lighthouse keepers. There are those who refuse to be their brother's keepers and keepers of the faith. Keepers of myth and keepers of promises. My husband is a keeper; I wouldn't let him slip away for anything. He might even feel the same way about me.

Writers are keepers. We are keepers of written lore, of dreams and fantasies, of hope realized and of faith undeterred. We are keepers of the magic that is the human spirit; unselfish, unbroken and unsullied despite rejection and criticism. Because we just keep writing.

How sad would be the world without writers! Writers of prose and poem, of fiction and fact, of words and notes in song and harmony. How said would be the world without the following; written by a keeper of beauty and light, performed by the best word in the whole dictionary; KIDS :

Happy Friday!!! Bet I made you smile!


  1. Writers are the kings of imagination, and the inspiration of the world. And yeah, I know I sound a little fanatical. Guess I just really like being a writer.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

  2. I really liked the boy in the blue shirt - he made me smile:)

    Jaime at Awakenings and Reflections

  3. Thanks to S.L. and Jaime! Glad you enjoyed today's treat.