Sunday, June 28, 2015

Well, hello there!

My, my - I've been terribly neglectful, haven't I? I haven't posted since February and I can't think of a single excuse. 

I'd like to tell you it's due to the lack of anything of interest to chat about, but that wouldn't be true. This year has been full of developments - some good, some bad. It's presented challenges and rewards, opportunities and obstacles. It's been a lot like...

Followed by…

The dreaded day job has been challenging and boring, all at the same time. The home life has been great, and the writing… eh. 

That's really the crux of the matter. I just can't seem to find the mojo to go-go. Words are slow, when they come at all, and nothing seems to stick for long. I had hoped the writing retreat I went to in May would help… and it did, a little. Just not enough. Or maybe I needed a bit more patience, 'cause something gave way last night.  


And I think it's because I've been reunited with my big brother after almost 17 years. It's a long story and not one I'll share, but it's a VERY GOOD THING and our separation was geography only. He's always been in my heart and on my mind, and now he's back in my life, and I can't believe how great that feels. In fact, it inspired me to begin a story last night that I'm pretty damn excited about. 

Maybe this is the turning point. Maybe the new energy and the filling of that space in my life is what I needed to get the juices flowing again. Sort of like...

Yeah - that's got to have something to do with it. 

So, stand by and be patient (since I'm not) - I have a feeling good things are on the horizon and I plan on sharing them with all of you! 

Until then, stay classy, San Diego - or wherever you may be! 

Peace out, and…

Love ya, Bro! 

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  1. Well hello back at ya, you have been missed but things happen at times that cause us not to post it is part of life, I can't imagine not seeing any of my siblings for years on end, as you may know I see most of them once a week if not more often.