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Release Day Blitz! I can't believe it's finally here!

Wow - what a year it's been. So much work and excitement all building up to this day. I'm both proud, thrilled, terrified and nostalgic to announce the release of my debut novel Phasms Vol. 1, Infinite Potential (Click on the Phasms Trilogy Tab above for more info…)

I hope you'll stick around for all the fun, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway and read the book. For now, here's the info, a special character interview (courtesy of Lucas Starr form "Taming Darkness," available next month!) and a peak at the prizes I have ready for you!


The Dark-Haired Man is interviewed by Lucas Starr (of the upcoming “Taming Darkness”)

            Wrapping myself up in a veil of black smoke I left the comfort of my lair. The party was in full force, the burning fireplace, the flowing liquor and the scandalous women, but I have an important engagement. I am on my way to meet someone who has intrigued me for some time now. He is known as The Dark-Haired Man, and he is a force to be reckoned with.
            Appearing on the beach, his beach, to be exact, I take in a breath and feel the salty air enter my body. The beach is empty, and I make my way to the shore, pulling a lit cigarette from mid air and taking my first sweet drag. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow approaching. He is walking toward me with strong, determined steps. His face is serene, his eyes dark and determined. I knew in that moment, we would get along.
            I offer him a cigarette, but he only moves his head slightly in a no, his eyes locked on mine. Gesturing to the rock formation that stretched its hand out into the ocean, we took our seats. The jetties are sharp and hard, but it doesnt bother us. Its time to get down to business, I need to find out more about this Dark-Haired Man.

1. So, you are a Phasm. Ive been around longer than time existed and this is new information, even for someone as well cultured as myself. What are the advantages for being such a being, and where do you get your power from?

Ah, I see you are as direct and, pardon the pun, pointed as ever. May I answer your last question first? Yes? Thank you – Phasms are older than mankind, older, my dear friend, than you. We are beings formed of emotion itself – the emotions of man, in God’s image, of course. That is where we draw our power and that is what makes our power limitless. As man feels, man gifts us with the ability to feel. As man hates, or loves, the strongest of those emotions feed to us a surfeit of power. Man can no more control his simple, reactive nature than he can pull the tide from the sea, thus it is left to us, to the Phasms to rein in the impulses they eschew and utilize them for our own good. As to the benefit, surely you can appreciate the ability to draw power from a source of such Infinite Potential?

2. Describe yourself to our readers. We know you as, The Dark-Haired Man. But theres so much more. How do you feel about being known as this mysterious man, and what would you like us to know that we may not know?

We all wear many guises, do we not? We choose the form, the likeness and the garb that suits our purpose, as I chose to appear in this form. I fear I’m the least mysterious of my kind, having chosen to reveal myself to others here, on this plane of existence. Not to bore you with braggadocio, but I am the first of my kind to develop such abilities. It takes a great deal of power to appear as I do in this time and place. Would you not agree this reflects a consummate level of skill? As to what I’d like you to know that you may not, I believe it’s that I too am susceptible to deep, moving emotions. I love, I laugh and I live, as few before me have. I harvest from a wellspring of deep feeling, and seek only to share the richness of those feelings with the one I love. So you see, in reality, I’m quite kind and generous, extremely affectionate and most respectful of the emotions of others.

3. Why the beach? You could meet her anywhere. --I know of some excellent private lounges if you are interested-- Here, the sand, the seaweed, the desolation? What is it about this place that makes it the meeting spot for you and Kelsi?

(Lets out a low laugh and gestures around him) Ah, yes, the beach. Think of it – the endless cycling of sand and sea, the inevitable pull of gravity’s tides. The beach has such symbolism, such strength and power. And yet, the stark desolation often found here, the solitude and relativity of such a massive entity as the ocean mirror nicely the same traits of my kind, of the emotions that give rise to our existence and to the ever changing nature of our being. It’s also a rather nice analogy for the fruitless pursuit of man to harness that same power. And Kelsi rather likes it here. Such a shame she doesn’t see the parallels – she’s really rather hard to impress at times.

4. Let’s talk about Kelsi for a minute. You have some power over her --Nicely done, by the way-- You have managed to weave your way into her thoughts, and dreams at a time of her life where she was the most vulnerable.  Some would perceive this seduction to be cruel, how do you respond to that?

I am beside myself with sorrow over Kelsi’s unresolved needs and I wholeheartedly disavow such nonsense! How can it be cruel to give what one needs in order to move past such torrid, tragic loss? How can it be cruel to deny one’s self one’s deepest feelings? Are not all true emotions a balance of two strong states of mind? Is not love only truly felt when it is balanced by loathing? Is not joy only experienced against the reflection of despair? I seek only what is best for Kelsi – true illumination of the multitude of emotions. Poor thing, she never had a chance to understand this facet of existence before I met her.

5. Without giving too much away, Im going to ask a difficult question. There are rumors that Kelsi brought you to her. Could you exist physically without Kelsi, and just how far are you willing to go to obtain her?

Ah, how shall I reply? Truly you ask a significant question. Let me say only that Kelsi completes me, as I complete her. We are two halves of a whole and we can no more exist without another as the tides can exist without the pull of the moon. Yes, I’ve lived (pardon the expression) long before Kelsi was born, but did I truly live before I gathered her grief unto myself? Can I truly go on living without drawing from the exquisite panoply and depth of emotion that girl wields inside herself? Can any of us, of any species, truly give up the one thing that completes us and ensures we exist with the fullest meaning of the word? Can we? Can you? I think not. I will give up all the power I have gathered to bind myself to that sweet, tender girl. All of it, for a temporal life of true sensation and feeling. Though in reality, time has little or no meaning to my kind (laughs).


About the Author

Barbara was born and raised in Southern California, but left to explore the world courtesy of the U.S. Navy. After traveling the world, she forced herself to live a humble life in in San Francisco, New York and Norfolk, Virginia. She now calls San Diego home and you wont pry her out with a crowbar.
She would be the first  to tell you her husband, Henry, is the inspiration for all the romance, and the real Charlie - who is as cute as he sounds in her books - is a terrorist. When not working for the U.S. Navy, she can be found running, reading or writing. She firmly believes a well rounded diet consists of coffee, scotch, chocolate, popcorn and Luna Bars. In that order. 
She's a graduate of CUNY and Penn State - and manages to write a decent line here and there despite those burdens. 
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