Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cover Reveal Coming!!!


I mean, really, YAY!

You're supposed to be jumping up and down with me. 
Come on, jump!

Oh, wait - I forgot to tell you what we're jumping for...

My Cover Reveal Date has been set! Yup - I get to share the totally awesome cover for 

Phasms: Infinite Potential

with you guys on November 18th!!! 

So, mark your calendar...

Oh, so you want to help
I would LOVE that so much! 

Here's how: Send an email to my publicist, Misty Williams, at:
Misty (at) EntrancedPublishing (dot) com

She'll send you all the details - she's really good at this stuff.
Which is really good, cuz I'm not. 

And yes, I know I owe you guys a really good post. Something worth reading like the one about AT&T (here)
But I'm feeling kind of "Meh" today. 
I promise to give you something snort-worthy in the next week. 
And you know I keep my promises.