Sunday, September 15, 2013

I've been a bad, bad blogger...

Ah, my precious peeps - I've been so bad lately. Neglecting you for other pursuits, leaving you to wile away the lonely hours and days with mindless drivel - other than my own mindless drivel which you, inexplicably, seem to find amusing.

I beg your forgiveness and offer no excuses. Well, maybe one or two.

It's been a bit of the usual chaotic churn around here - working on the edits for Book 1 of my Phasms trilogy, trying to get Book 2 written and of course, swatting that pesky MUSE who likes to carpet bomb my brain with new story ideas at the exact time I need to be focused on existing WIPs.

Yeah - my muse teamed up with Kat Daemon's muse (you can follow Kat on twitter HERE - and you really should, she's hilarious) and the raunchy Valkyrie's brought home all sorts of distractions like:

And this:

And lot's of this:

So - can you really blame me from being distracted? Trying to keep her out of trouble is a full time job. And I already have TWO of those! Yeah! The writing thing and the other one. The one that actually requires my concentration and pays the bills. The one that makes me feel like:

But Prue (that Valkyrie muse of mine) doesn't care. She's just a hedonistic little tramp, looking to cause trouble. She even tried cornering the Norse God of Winter, Ull Myhr, and his friend Gunnar. Check it out on twitter HERE. Thanks to her antics, I've been officially labelled one of his Twitter Tormentors. At this rate, he may not make it to the wedding!

But - overall - it's been a pretty good couple of weeks. Nothing to rant about (like AT&T) and nothing to go all Glee! songbird about  (like Whiskey). Just a good, solid, end of summer.

So - what have you been up to? Did you do anything special to mark the end of the season? Does it feel like fall where you are? Are your WIPS and other projects moving along?

To wrap things up, here's a little Sunday toonage to help your day. This song just makes my fingers twitch, ready to pound out some major WERDS!

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