Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Chance to Win and More Author Pictures...

Okay - as promised, here are the results from last weeks vote:

The top pick with 37.5% of the vote is image #3: 
Round 1, Image 3

Images 1 and 2 were an even tie, with 21% each. 

And NOW - five more pictures for you to help with. And you thought last week was hard? Pshaw! These are absolutely UH-MAZE-ING! 

These were taken last Saturday by my friend and CP and we had a blast doing it. We started at the Shipyard I used to work at (fist-bumps my old boss for helping us set this up), then drove over to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Point Loma. Yeah - a cemetery. If you read my book PHASMS when it comes out, it might make more sense. Regardless - both locations lent themselves to some great shots!

Image #1
So - Are you ready? Again, review all five, then make your selection at the bottom of the page. It's fast and easy! You can only choose one picture, and next Saturday, I'll re-set the the questions for the final face off. 

Image #2
Image #4
Image #3

Image #5
 Also, if you leave a comment below or on my Authors page on Facebook here, you are automatically entered into the drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

The top two pictures from both the formal (last week's pictures) and informal (this week's pictures) will be posted on Saturday, August 17th for the final vote. 

The winning picture and the winner of the gift card will be announced on Saturday, August 24th - so stay tuned!

Ready? Here ya go!

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