Saturday, June 8, 2013


The other day, while not looking and certainly off guard; I was given the "Whore Award" from Kelly at Dysfunctionally Functional

Here's the catch, this writing prompt came with it:

So, here goes nothin'!

I slumped over in the seat, too drunk with excitement to worry about what she was doing and too sober to want her to stop. I didn't have much experience at this sort of thing. Alright, I had zero experience. It didn't matter. She had enough for both of us. 

Her hands felt like small, white claws, clutching and grabbing, milking from one end to the other before sliding to the bottom and starting over. I gasped in pain and she asked me if I wanted her to stop.

"No," I moaned, then closed my eyes and let gravity push me back down. I felt heavy and weightless at the same time, earthbound and soaring free without a lick of concern where I would fall. 

An eerie green light flickered behind my closed eye lids, pulsing in a pattern that near drove me insane as it tattooed it's way into my head. It was brighter than all hell, slowly fading as she released me and allowed my circulation to return to normal. 

Slowing, screeching to a stop, the bands holding me in place were lifted and Kelly, sitting next to me the whole time, asked if I wanted to do it again.

"Hell yeah!" I yelled, as we climbed out of the carriage and ran back in line - ready to ride "Nellie" one more time. 

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