Saturday, March 30, 2013

Short And Sweet for a Sweet Spring Day!

I was trying to decide what to write about this morning and getting nowhere fast. The dog needed walking, laundry needed washing and my new Critique Partner C. Paul was awaiting for me at our rendezvous.

Now, you may not know this (or may have deduced from earlier posts), but I'm slightly, sort of a lot OCD. One of my compulsions is being on time. To the point that I'm always at least five minutes early.

So here I am, rushing around like mad, trying to slurp my second cup of coffee so I won't be in total bitch mode, and my Saturday Blog Post is hanging like a neon sign in front of me. Obviously, I didn't get to it before I met CP.

And I wondered - how many of you were sitting around, hitting the magic button on your mouse, checking for my latest post only to say "damn, bitch slept in today?"

Not many, I'm guessing - or at least, only seven I could be partially sure of, since I only have seven of you following me at this point. But you seven are of immense importance to me, and I feel I owe you at least a timely and somewhat interesting post.

So, here we are and. And. AND? I still can't think of anything to post. So, instead of much gnashing of teeth and frenetic worrisome mind-pounding, I give you one of my favorite videos of the year.

Enjoy, Peeps. Yes, Peeps - as in you peoples and those tasty little marshmallow chicks that I love best when slightly stale and crunchy on the outside! :-)

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