Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If you're driving in San Diego...

Police issue BOLA alerts when they're looking for suspects. I have chosen to issue my own BOLA (Be On the Look Out) for my fellow citizens of San Diego.

I've developed the writer's curse: the sudden need to find a scrap of paper and a pen, regardless of my physical (and mental) location and jot down witty dialogue, interesting observations and story threads.

This affliction strikes me at unprecedented times and places, though most frequently in my car on the interstate, usually around 70 mph. It wouldn't be so bad, except I never have said pen and paper in a convenient location and there's much creative steering going on with the creative stirring.

I do own an IPhone, and should be able to dictate my observations into Siri's capable metallic mind. I own two digital recorders, and you would think I would be intelligent enough to have one with me at all times.

Ah, fate - how cruel you are! It seems I have neither the recorders nor the wits to access Siri's polite assistance at these times. Instead - I struggle to steer with one hand and a knee, maintain speed and jot down whatever it was that popped into my head while avoiding vehicles in front, beside and behind me.

Pity the poor driver attempting to pass or move along side of me. I steer wildly, like the semi-drunken sailor of my past life, all while scribbling on my knee. And yes, frequently I miss the paper and end up with half the notation on the leg of my pants.

So, fair warning to those of you braving the interstates in and around San Diego. Be on the lookout for a beige Honda Civic, swerving, accelarating and driving erratically.

She's not drunk, she's a writer.

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